Afra Vision empowers retailers with state-of-the-art security infrastructure tailored to optimize profits through the reduction of losses and operational expenses. Harnessing the capabilities of Afra Vision, our strategy entails a comprehensive analysis of customer and store operation data, enabling a proactive approach to address potential losses and enhance overall operational efficiency. The result is a secure and profitable retail environment, fostering success and sustainability for our clients.

Perimeter Safety

The exterior of a building poses numerous security and safety challenges that can be difficult to anticipate and manage. Afra Vision’s advanced security technology addresses these concerns by:

  • Detecting inefficiencies or theft at shipment receiving doors.
  • Providing recorded evidence for insurance claims related to parking or driving accidents.
  • Resolving camera visibility issues by delivering a detailed full view of the surveillance area.
  • Establishing a system utilizing metadata to expedite incident investigations.

Active Alarm

Afra Vision’s active alarm feature in cameras serves as a proactive deterrent to discourage criminal activities before they occur.

  • Utilizing flashing red and blue lights to capture the attention of potential intruders.
  • Triggering an audible alarm to alert and discourage intruders.
  • Delivering verbal warnings through announcements offers clear instructions, enhancing communication and deterring potential threats effectively.

Video Monitoring

Afra Vision’s interactive video monitoring offers a suite of features for seamless and efficient investigations :

  • Automatically directs attention to crucial actions and details by configuring active alert views to activate specified motion events.
  • Centralized monitoring capabilities streamline surveillance operations, ensuring a comprehensive and convenient approach.

Afra Vision delivers steadfast, dependable, and uninterrupted video security services tailored for the Warehouse Industry. Afra Vision solutions assist warehouse managers in analyzing deliveries, inventory, and operational data, mitigating unnecessary losses and optimizing operating efficiencies.

Thermal Technology

Afra Vision’s early-detection security system promptly sends alerts for internal and external threats, including abnormally high temperatures, to prevent fires, safeguard property, and ensure employee safety. Afra Vision’s thermal cameras offer the following features to enhance facility safety:

  • Identify rapid temperature increases and activate alarms for immediate response.
  • Provide advanced warnings to first responders about potential hazards.
  • Surveil perimeter and fence lines to enhance facility protection and security.

Perimeter Safety

Afra Vision addresses the myriad security and safety challenges posed by the exterior of a building, minimizing threats through the following measures:

  • Detects and mitigates losses from inefficiency or theft at shipment receiving doors.
  • Provides evidentiary support for insurance claims related to parking or driving accidents.
  • Enhances camera visibility by presenting a detailed, comprehensive view of the target area.
  • Collaborates seamlessly with thermal cameras to identify concealed objects.
  • Offers an overview of the entire property with on-demand details, including vehicle classification.
  • Establishes a system utilizing metadata to expedite incident investigations.

Intruder Deterrence

Afra Vision’s intruder deterrence system effectively halts unauthorized access by activating alarm cameras. Afra Vision’s active alarm cameras operate through two key mechanisms:

  • Establishes multiple layers of alarms along the property perimeter, incorporating sirens, red and blue flashing lights, and two-way audio communication.
  • Gathers distinctive intrusion characteristics using night color and cutting-edge low-light technology.

Object Tracking

Efficiently monitor all activities on the property with Afra Vision’s PTZ cameras. Cameras equipped with Starlight technology guarantee clear images in low-light environments:

  • Offer multiple low-light levels adaptable to various lighting conditions, eliminating blind spots effectively.
  • Provide a high zoom rate to identify suspicious activities without sacrificing clarity, ensuring comprehensive coverage of relevant situations and details.

Afra Vision is dedicated to providing comprehensive security solutions tailored for residential environments. Our integrated systems are designed to safeguard homes, protect loved ones, and provide peace of mind. This proposal outlines the key features of Afra Vision’s security solutions, covering surveillance, access control, video intercoms, and ELV systems.

High-Definition Cameras

  • Installation of high-definition surveillance cameras strategically placed to cover key entry points, perimeter, and common areas.
  • Integration with advanced analytics for real-time threat detection and automated alerts.
  • Infrared technology for clear footage in low-light conditions.

Smart Monitoring

  • Mobile app compatibility for real-time remote monitoring.
  • Cloud storage options for secure and accessible video footage storage.
  • Customizable monitoring schedules for personalized security.

Electronic Door Locks

  • Installation of electronic door locks with keyless entry options.
  • Integration with mobile apps for remote access control.
  • Time-sensitive access permissions for enhanced security.

Biometric Access

  • Implementation of biometric access systems for secure and convenient entry.
  • Fingerprint or facial recognition technology for personalized authentication.
  • Centralized access control management for multiple entry points.

Two-Way Communication

  • Installation of video intercom systems with two-way communication.
  • Integration with mobile devices for remote communication with visitors.
  • High-resolution video feeds for clear identification of visitors.

Visitor Verification

  • Integration with access control for seamless visitor verification.
  • Video snapshots and recording of visitor interactions for added security.
  • Visitor log and entry history accessible through the mobile app.